Assessment Regulations Relating to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Special arrangements applying to assessments taking place between 16 March 2020 and 11 September 2020

  • No Detriment Policy (v8.0 issued 3/7/20)
    • Appendix 1 (Guidance and worked examples on GPA calculation, including proportion of completed assessment)
    • Appendix 2 (Reassessment opportunities for final year honours and integrated masters students)
    • Appendix 3 (Course results by level and by award)
    • Appendix 4 (Summary of reassessment options)
    • Appendix 5 (Operation of discretion)
    • Appendix 6 (Application of No Detriment Policy for awards being made in 2020-21 and subsequent sessions)

Version Log of No Detriment Policy

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