Absence & illness

Some classes have a minimum attendance requirement so if you’re going to miss several days or more, you must notify your:

  • Adviser of Studies for general absence,
  • Relevant tutor or lecturer for absence in lectures, labs and seminars

You also must complete a MyCampus absence report for any significant absence. 

Booklists & textbooks

Different courses put up booklists at various times. This might be during your programme induction and orientation during Freshers’ Week, or during Week 1 of teaching. 

Courses also publish booklists on Moodle, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that forms part of the suite of online services that you will use as a Glasgow student.

Once you have your Glasgow University ID (GUID), you will be able to log in and gain access.

Find out more:

Once you have your book/reading lists, you don t necessarily need to rush out and buy them. The Library has most essential course books. Visit the Library site

If you want to buy books:

  • Visit the John Smith’s bookshop in the Fraser Building for book bundles, or
  • Buy a second hand copy from the SRC 2nd hand bookshop on the top floor of the John McIntyre Building, or
  • From someone in the year above you who is selling theirs, often advertised on noticeboards in relevant teaching areas and halls of residence.

Lecture start times

Lectures usually finish 5 minutes before the hour and start at 5 past giving you 10 minutes to get from one to the other. This should be enough time for most situations although it might be a problem for anyone with mobility issues. 

If this may affect you, please contact the Disability Service as soon as possible. Visit the Disability Service website

You also won’t be the only person going from one lecture to another so you will soon get into the swing of things.

If you are late:

If it’s an occasional one off and you’re just a few minutes late, generally nothing will happen - you can usually still get in to a lecture, seminar, tutorial or lab.

You should always try to be on time so that:

  • You don’t miss anything important, and
  • Out of courtesy to your lecturer/tutor and classmates

If you do miss something, it is your responsibility to catch up. You can email your relevant tutor or lecturer, check Moodle for presentations, notes etc., and/or speak to friends in the class.

Remember, you can use our Roomfinder app to help navigate to your classroom. Access the Roomfinder app now

Study support

In between lectures, labs, seminars, tutorials, and of course the all-important self-study discover the range of Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service workshops to help you get the most out of your studies.

The Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service also offer dedicated Effective Learning Advisers for each College, Maths & Stats Advisers and an Academic Writing Centre. Visit the Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service site.

Don't forget, you can contact your Adviser of Studies (your first port of call) any time of the year, if you need support. You will find details of your Adviser of Studies in your MyCampus Student Center.


You start to build your timetable as you enrol for your courses and classes. You enrol in MyCampus, and you can see your timetable there too.

Find out more about enrolment.

Explore the academic support available to you

Find out about referencing and avoiding plagiarism

Get an insight into coursework, exams and feedback