Planning Your Time

Just like all students, you will need to plan your time and your studies. You'll get your timetable at the start of semester and you'll want to make a revision timetable to stick to your deadlines and stay on top of your work. You'll need to allocate time for your commute from home if you're coming onto campus for classes, lectures or activities. If you don't have time to go home during the day, you'll need to bring everything that you need for the day ahead- whether that's a laptop, your lunch, sports equipment, a change of clothes, books or sets of notes for multiple classes. You will have free time between your different classes and you can use this time to study, relax or get to know campus.

The Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service (LEADS) have workshops on time-management as well as a series of workshops and support for all aspects of studying and learning.

General Tips

  • University is such a fast-paced experience and the number of opportunities available can feel overwhelming. However we know from current and former home students that many regret not getting involved in activities earlier in their degree. So find out what opportunities are available and what your priorities are and jump right in because you don't want to get to the end and wish you could've gotten involved in more! 
  • If you are really struggling to make friends, remember that it doesn’t always happen instantly and most students report feeling lonely while adjusting to life at university. Getting involved in activities, and studying with your classmates, are two of the best ways to meet people and make friends
  • Although things might get difficult at times, remember there are so many services and people to support you through itincluding the SRC and your Adviser of Studies – you’re never alone at UofG!
  • You have to remember that so many people will be in the same situation as you, even though it can sometimes feel like everyone else around you has made loads of friends when you haven’t. This is absolutely not the case and you are not alone.
  • Hear from students like you using Unibuddy

Support and Advice

If you are struggling, for whatever reason, there are plenty of people who are here to support you with whatever you need help with.