Booking a Peer Wellbeing Support Session

The service is organised and run by trained supporters in their individual schools/colleges. Online sessions are available for students currently in the UK via the booking links below. You should access Peer Wellbeing Support according to the school or college in which you study. Find out more information about Peer Wellbeing Support.

Please note, in line with established practice, you will be supported by two trained Peer Wellbeing Supporters throughout your session. This is a face-to-face listening service currently running online due to COVID. As a result, please have your camera and microphone on to get the most from your session.  

College of Arts

Book an online session

University of Glasgow College of Arts: Peer Supporters Facebook Group

Adam Smith Business School/Social & Political Sciences

Life Sciences

Science & Engineering

Book an online session

College of Science & Engineering: Peer Supporters Facebook Group

School of Education

Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA)

Peer Wellbeing Support will be offered by GUSA later in 2021.