Research Culture Action Plan 2020-2025

Advancing our research culture in the five priority areas (Collegiality, Career development, Research Recognition, Open Research, and Research Integrity), means recognising that each of us can make small and meaningful practical contributions to the way we do research, and to how we support our colleagues.

To enable more people to take these steps we seek to embed good practice throughout all relevant systems, processes and policies.

Read the Current Institutional Strategic Priorities for Research Culture 2020-2025 (PDF) 

In 2024 we will evaluate and refresh our approach. We are choosing to review the Research Culture Action plan ahead of its expiry in October 2025. This is because the Action Plan above set out our priority activities, timescales and how we track progress, based on our early 2020 understanding of the research landscape. Since then, we have seen world-changing events such as Covid-19 and Brexit - the consequences of which have impacted on the health of the UK's research and researchers. We have also seen the publication of several new national frameworks, agreements and concordats which guide how we understand research culture and our role within it, it's importance, and its measurement as part of demonstrating research excellence. Additionally, in 2022/23, the University of Glasgow invested substantially in research culture development work - creating a new Research Culture Team (6 posts), The Research Culture Commons, and refreshing the remit and membership of the Lab for Academic Culture.