The Lab for Academic Culture

About the Lab

The Lab’s focus is the maintenance, development and enhancement of positive academic cultures in which everyone can thrive.

  • The Lab is a space for creativity, collaboration, and the testing and piloting of new ideas and initiatives.
  • The Lab houses recognisable and trusted expertise drawn from a number of specialisms and areas of the university.
  • The Lab has an advisory role in the establishment of the university’s Research Culture Priorities, and Action Plan.
  • The Lab provides a connecting structure for relevant internal projects across University Services and strategies.
  • The Lab provides ongoing reflective critique of University of Glasgow Research/Academic Cultures, through a range of evaluation mechanisms.

The Lab works in tandem with the Research Culture Commons – a university wide network for everyone connected to research at the University of Glasgow.


Membership of the Lab for Academic Culture

As a space for creativity, collaboration and the generation and testing of new ideas, the Lab convenes a team of experts from across the university to support ongoing reflective analysis, and to ensure connectivity and alignment across university strategies and strategic projects.

The Lab is led by Co-Directors Professor Chris Pearce (VP for Research and Knowledge Exchange) and Dr Kay Guccione (Head of Research Culture and Researcher Development) and comprises the following cross university membership:

  • VP Research and Knowledge Exchange
  • Head of Research Culture and Researcher Development
  • Executive Director of Research Services
  • Academic Lead for Inclusive Research Practice
  • Academic Lead for Good Research Practice
  • A Dean of Research (1-year term)
  • A Dean of Graduate Studies (1-year term)
  • Challenge Programmes Director
  • Research Culture Manager (Lead for Collegiality, Recognition and Careers)
  • Research Enhancement Manager
  • Research Integrity Manager (Lead for Research Integrity)
  • Research Information Manager (Lead for Open Research)
  • Wellcome Institutional Research Culture Project Manager
  • VP Learning and Teaching
  • Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • People & Organisational Development Business Partner (Promotion, and PDR)
  • Chair of the Research Professional Staff Network
  • Two Research Staff Representatives (1-year term)
  • Two PGR Representatives (1-year term)
  • 3 External Advisors (2-year term)
  • Plus, invited members as required to serve the Lab’s agenda

Working Groups

In addition to overseeing the University's Research Culture Action Plan which is delivered collaboratively by the Research Culture Team, the Research Integrity Team, and the Research Research Information Management Team, The Lab for Academic Culture oversees two targetted working groups:

  1. Narrative CVs - a Research Services Directorate collaboration: this project spans all areas of work for Research Services from recruitment and promotion, to demand managed funding calls, to REF2029. We work collectively on our growing Narrative CV resource bank.
  2. DORA Working Group - Chaired by Prof. Lisa DeBruine (Academic Lead for Good Research Practice): The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment aims to improve the ways in which the output of scientific research is evaluated by funding agencies, academic institutions, and other parties.  
  3. InFrame Working Group - Chaired by Dr Kay Guccione (InFrame Project Lead): The universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews have been awarded £3m to create a new framework for inclusive research leadership – InFrame – recognising that a skilled collegial approach is critical for the development of supportive and equitable cultures, and foundational to the aspirations set out in our research culture action plans. 

Previous Lab Projects

Piloting the Wellcome Trust Café Culture Toolkit for Research Professional Staff (2022)

Mitigating the Differential Impacts of Covid-19 on Research - Report (2022)

Understanding the Effectiveness of Narrative CVs Report (2021)

Article (Casci & Padgett, 2021) Collegiality is the means to effective teamwork 

Article (Casci & Adams, 2020) Research Culture: Setting the right tone

Article (Casci & Adams, 2020) Rewarding contributions to research culture is part of building a better university

Article (Casci & Padgett, 2020) We’ll be judged by the careers we create

Developing an Institutional Survey for Research Culture Question Set (2019)