Leading Research Culture Change

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We are the Research Culture

In 2019 the University of Glasgow introduced Research Culture Awards in order to surface positive examples of collegiality, and celebrate those who were having a leading and novel impact on the research culture. Four competitive awards were given per year to colleagues whose written nominations demonstrated that they had performed above and beyond the expectations of their role.

In 2022, we moved from competition-based recognition, launching the 'People Make Research' initiative. 

People Make Research is a way to collect, share and celebrate practical examples of collegiality. We know that so many our colleagues work incredibly hard to provide good leadership and to cultivate an environment that upholds the standards of fair and inclusive research practice. This initiative is a way recognise the fullest extent of good practice and say a heartfelt thank you to each person for their important contribution.

We ask everyone involved across the whole the research ecology (any grade, role, or job family) to say who is making a positive difference to them, in just 100 words.

Insights about the types and impact of collegial research leadership arising from this project, have underpinned Glasgow's approach to developing research leaders/managers, and formed the basis of InFrame, a £3m collaboration with the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

The impact of mentors

Read about the positive impact of our home-grown mentors below: