Reinvigorating Research

Please note that the Reinvigorating Research scheme is now closed. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by mid-November 2021.

The University of Glasgow has allocated £3.2M to support proposals across three schemes to enable researchers to develop ambitious research ideas:

  1. Funds for developing ambitious, collaborative grant proposals
  2. Funds for strengthening the competitiveness of external fellowship applications (fellowship minimum duration 3 years)
  3. Six-month research sabbaticals (support for teaching cover for academic staff or contract extensions for holders of independent research fellowships)

We want to hear about your ideas, the scale of your ambition, how you will work with others (where relevant), and what the intended outcome of the activity will be.

A College panel will assess proposals based on evidence of:

  • A step-change in ambition compared to the applicant's current scale/complexity of activity
  • The added value provided by the requested funding
  • Collegiality towards UofG colleagues (where relevant)

Collaborations across disciplines, institutions, or sectors are encouraged.

Frequently asked questions

Can research associates/assistants apply to scheme 1?

RAs may apply, but they would be strongly advised to work collaboratively with an experienced academic rather than as the lead investigator. They would also be advised to discuss their plans with either the College Dean of Research or appropriate College research support before applying.

Is scheme 1 open to research associates on fixed term external project funding?

If an RA is already fully funded on a grant, they would need to make clear what the University funding would be used for. If the RA is nearing the end of their contract, then the funds could be used to continue their contract in order to develop an ambitious proposal in collaboration with an academic.

Is scheme 1 targeted at both individual researchers and collaborating teams?

The scheme is intended to support a step-change in the scale or complexity or scale of a collaborative grant. Therefore, the scheme is open to individuals and collaborations/larger entities such as Labs.

What is the earliest date that a project could commence?

The project should commence ideally no later than 31 January 2022. However, a project could start potentially as early as December 2021. The decision-making timeline will posted on the website in coming weeks.

Is the call only open to active members of staff?

Yes, applicants need to be current members of UofG staff. However, collaborators do not need to be active members of staff.

Do the funds available from the sabbatical scheme cover travel and subsistence to another research facility?

No, the funds available from scheme 3 do not cover additional costs.

Are all three schemes open to all colleges?

Yes, all three schemes are open to the Colleges of Arts; Science & Engineering;  Social Sciences;  and Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences. Colleges might have a preference as to which scheme they preferentially wish to support; this preference would have been indicated in College-level communications about the funding call.

Is scheme 2 intended to support applications for early career researchers or is it aimed at colleagues from all career stages?

Scheme 2 is specifically aimed at early career researchers applying for independent fellowships. The scheme only applies to research fellowships, which must have a minimum duration of 3 years. Applications for two separate fellowships (to meet the fellowship minimum duration of three years) are not permitted. These eligibility criteria match those that apply to the University’s Lord Kelvin Adam Smith (LKAS) Fellowship Scheme.