An alternative approach to quantum-enhanced THz generation

Following success in securing post grant funding from Innovate UK, with Chromacity Ltd. as lead partner alongside UofG, and Covesion Ltd. as a collaborator, market assessment of the Proof of Concept (PoC) of the spectrometer could begin. The £180k contribution from InnovateUK is expected to deliver results by May 2019.

Dr Clerici has also been successful in securing a UKRI Innovation fellowship, with significant external investments from Chromacity (£30.8K), Covesion (£10k) and QuantIQ (£60k). Work on the PoC demonstrated in the initial IAA proposal will continue under the PI’s UKRI Fellowship.

Several studentships have also been secured to work on this project, through the Photonic Integration Advanced Data Storage Centre for Doctoral Training.

Details of the ongoing research at Dr Clerici’s group can be read in recent publications: Markov et al., Optics Express 26, 4448 (2018) and Vezzoli et al., Physical Review Letters 120, 043902 (2018).