Exam invigilators

Information and resources for Exam invigilators.

Exam Dates for academic session 2019-20


Wednesday 11 - Friday 20 December 2019 (inclusive)

Please note: Some exams may take place on 'revision days', Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 December 2019.  Exams will take place on Saturday 14 December 2019.



Monday 27 April - Friday 22 May 2020 (inclusive)

Please note: Some exams may take place during 'revision week', week beginning Monday 20 April 2020.  Exams may take place on Saturday 2, 9 and 16 May 2020.


July/August (resit)

Monday 3 - Friday 21 August 2020 (inclusive)


FAQ's - (Invigilators)

Where do I collect the exam papers for separate room allocation?


1 to 12 University Gardens – Sir Alexander Stone Building reception

Adam Smith Building – Reception

Boyd Orr Building – Reception

Gregory Building – Reception

Hetherington Building – Reception

James Watt South – Reception

Joseph Black Building – Reception

Kelvin Building – Reception

Main Building or Professor Square – The Bedellus Office

Mathematics Building – Reception                          

Rankine Building – Reception                    

Sir Alexander Stone Building – Reception

Sir Alwyn Williams Building – Reception

St Andrews Building – Reception

Wolfson Medical School – Reception

If the janitor is not at the reception area, contact the Bedellus Office on extensions: 4252, 3107 or 6015 for assistance

I am interested in applying for an invigilator post

Registry normally have an annual recruitment drive.  It is a standard online application available through our Human Resources current vacancies page. 

If you would like us to retain a record of your interest, please send an email to reg-invigilation@glasgow.ac.uk with your contact details. 

We will keep your information until the next recruitment drive and email you when the application is available online.


Information for potential Invigilators

The University runs three exam diets each academic year: Summer (April-May), Resit (August) and Winter (December)

Exams can be held in the morning, afternoon and evening each day.  Invigilators are expected to be available to work in every exam diet.

Exam times are shown on the table below:

morning        09:30             09:30       09:30
afternoon 14:00 14:00 13:00
evening 18:30 n/a 16:30

Processes and Procedures

All Registry procedures relating to exam invigilation can be found in the Invigilator Handbook which is available to download from this webpage.

We appreciate that this is a large book to carry around, so we have produced a pocket sized, quick reference guide.  This booklet include answers to common enquiries on procedures and a list of bulletpointed do's and dont's to help Invigilators carry out their duties.

The booklet is issued to all Invigilators

Keeping your information updated

It is important that Registry have an up to date record of Invigilator contact details. 

Please remember to keep your details current and email reg-invigilation@glasgow.ac.uk when you update your mobile or change address.

Invigilators should also keep their information updated on the University's CORE system.  Please ensure your, contact details, address and next of kin information is current.