About #UofGEngage Forum

The #UofGEngage Forum is a values-led virtual and physical platform for staff and partners interested in public and community engagement to come together, share ideas, network and build a community.

The Forum is a cross-university, cross-sectoral initiative. We welcome all disciplines, career stages, job families and partners in a collaborative, creative and career-enhancing environment. From our podcast and blog to live events, there are many ways to get involved.

Forum objectives

The objective of the #UofGEngage Forum is to inspire, nurture and support meaningful engagement and collaboration within the university and with our many partners. We support:

1. Collaboration – enabling networking and collaboration across Colleges, disciplines, job families and beyond the university
2. Creativity – giving visibility to inspiring work to inspire others, sharing ideas and actively engaging with the expertise, priorities and needs of our communities and partners
3. Careers – supporting skills sharing, developing and networking

These are the three priorities of the University of Glasgow Research Strategy. We also support the strategic priorities for Research Culture 2020-2025, the University Strategy and the Civic University Agreement, among other relevant engagement strategies.


The easiest way to engage with the Forum is to join our Teams site. This is a space to share ideas, ask questions and connect with colleaues from across the University who are interested in pubilc and community engagement.