University Travel Hub

What is the University Travel Hub?

The new Travel Hub not only enables self-booking for University flights, accommodation, and rail travel, but also has the advantage of instant booking confirmations and eliminating the need to raise a Purchase Order.

Who is the University Travel Hub for?

The Travel Hub is for travellers to book their travel directly (colleagues and PGR students). The Hub is intuitive and easy to use, like Expedia or other travel search engines! You will find a range of online support and FAQs in the Travel Hub.

It is also for those who arrange travel on behalf of other colleagues, honorary/affiliate staff, students, or guests. Arrangers will be required to attend a short training session.

We encourage you to go ahead and try the new system, it's that easy to use.  If you still have any questions, please contact


Get access and create your profile

For access


Honorary/Affiliate staff:

  • Access to the Travel Hub is not enabled for your profile type
  • Travel bookings need to be made via an Arranger booking on your behalf, please contact your PA or Administrative support team for your travel requirements 

PGR students:

 * Passport details must be entered if booking flights. Your profile name must match your passport name.


If you have any issues, please contact

You can also access the 'how-to' video on Creating a Traveller Profile

To self-book your travel

Please note self booking is not enabled for Honorary/Affiliate staff.

Step 1: Assess the need for travel

Step 2: When planning your travel, you should:

  • Ensure this booking/trip is in accordance with the University's Travel Booking Policy
  • Ensure only one traveller per online booking 
  • Obtain Budget Holder approval (a Purchase Order is no longer needed)
  • Select the correct sub-project code
  • Ensure this booking/trip has been risk-assessed

Step 3Access the Travel Hub using your University login credentials (GUID) and password

Step 4: Book your travel through the Online Booking Tool

Step 5Download the SafeZone App, and Register your trip as per the policy through the Travel Risk, Insurance and Compliance Approval Portal (only if required, please see Travel Process Flowchart

Travel Helpdesk

For any enquiries related to online bookings including cancellations or amendments, please contact Selective Travel Management.


Phone: 028 90689674

Please complete the Travel Booking Form  for enquiries related to:

  • Honorary/Affiliate staff
  • Multi-destination bookings
  • Spouse/partner traveller bookings
  • Group Student trips, ie. Field trips
  • Group events
  • Car Hire
  • Taxis (relating to travel)
  • Ferry bookings
  • Trips with additional access requirements 

Submit this form to the Dedicated Travel Team.


Phone: +44 2890442077

For enquiries out with the hours of 8:30am-6:00pm, please call

+44 2890 442063.