New Sustainability in Learning & Teaching Community of Practice

Colleagues from across the Colleges and University Services have come together to develop a new Sustainability in Learning & Teaching (SLT) Community.

  • The SLT Community aims to create a hub of multidisciplinary connections that leads to L&T collaborations and activity around sustainability.
  • It is open to any colleague who has an interest in sustainability in relation to learning & teaching: from colleagues who are hoping to learn more about embedding sustainability within their programmes or supporting students in their learning in a sustainable way, to those who are interested in contributing to the development of a new interdisciplinary postgraduate provision.

If you are interested in meeting with colleagues, developing your skills and/or contributing to projects and initiatives, you can book your place at our first practice workshop and launch of the Community. It will focus on sharing and building practice around: "How to talk to colleagues about sustainability: transforming UofG from inside out".

community co-leads

Book your place on the Sustainability in Learning & Teaching Community Practice Workshop, 7 May at 09.30am 

First published: 19 April 2021