Connect with Climate Change – new event

The second in the Connect with Climate Change virtual series of events takes place on Tuesday 4 May from 1pm to 2pm.

“An equitable and sustainable future for all: pipe dreams or real schemes?” will look at how decarbonisation can happen in a fair, equitable and inclusive way that empowers communities and leaves no-one behind.

The University is hosting the series in partnership with the University of Strathclyde and ScottishPower, aiming to offer a platform to engage with academics, students, public and businesses, sharing ideas and views on a range of climate change topics. In advance of COP26 coming to Glasgow, these events will focus on “real-time” discussions around different climate issues. We want to provide a forum where, through open dialogue, convention can be questioned and act as a catalyst for positive sustainable change.

Delivering net-zero by 2045 requires major shifts in our everyday lives including how we heat our homes and workplaces, how we travel, and what we eat. While much of the progress to date, such as decarbonisation of the power sector, has happened without many people noticing a difference in their routine, the changes to come will be felt across all of society.

Dr Rebecca Ford – UKRI COP26 Fellow, Lecturer & Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Strathclyde

Professor Tahseen Jafry – Director of the Centre for Climate Justice, Glasgow Caledonian University
Gillian Dick – Spatial Planning Manager (Research & Development), Glasgow City Council
Hazel Gulliver – Director of Engagement, ScottishPower
Dr Tavis Potts – Director Centre for Energy Transition, University of Aberdeen

First published: 19 April 2021