Staff Networks and Communities

Participating in a network or a community of practice (CoP) can be a great way to connect with colleagues doing similar roles or who share similar interests and/or access informal learning and development.    

To find out more about CoPs, check out our UofG CoP Toolkit

Follow the links below to find out more and start connecting: 

Change Network 

The Change Network brings together individuals from across the university ready to be true champions of change. Think innovation, best-in-class communication, building your network and being part of something momentous. Sign up today and join over 400 change ambassadors in our community. 

Communication Community of Practice

If you are a Communication Professional working at UofG - join us! You can be part of creating an open and positive space for all communication professionals to learn, collaborate and innovate at the University of Glasgow. We're a warm, friendly bunch who love to meet new people and hear new ideas! Drop us a note and we'll add you to our Teams channel.

Leadership & Management (L&M) Community

The L&M Community aims to provide a supportive environment in which leadership and management practice can emerge and flourish.  This Community is open to all colleagues who have an interest in leadership and management.

MPA Peer Network 

The MPA Peer Network is an independent network aiming to promote wellbeing at work among Management, Professional and Administrative (MPA) colleagues.  The Network runs events and initiatives throughout the year open to all MPA staff. 

PA Network 

The PA Network routinely meet up to share best practice etc and discuss matters relating directly to our roles.  This Network mostly consists of the PAs to Heads of Services and Heads of Schools.   

PGR Supervisors Network 

The Community of Practice acts as a hub for all PGR supervisors at UofG. It facilitates sharing and discussion, allows organisation of opportunities and resources, and enables responsive support from a community of peers with whom you can engage in supportive conversations.

Pilates Group 

This Group connects colleagues who want to take care of their bodies through practising pilates together.  Notably recognising the challenges of working online and the impact on our necksback and postureit is open to all interested colleagues.  

Project Management (PM) Community

The PM Community aims to be a source of reflection and information to support and increase project capabilities for the benefit of the University. This Community is open to all colleagues who have an interest in project management.

Public Engagement Coordinators Group (PECG) 

The PECG is comprised of largely professional services staff from across the University who have external engagement or public outreach as part of their job role. The PECG meet every month to share ideas and learning, support public engagement strategy development and identify ways of working together. The group also welcome visits from colleagues across the university, who may have shared objectives or interests. 

School of Education Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) Community 

In the School of Education, the PGR Committee organises a number of activities aimed at bringing staff and PGRs together. Previously, they were organised face-to-face. Staple activities included the ‘Walk & Talk’ in Kelvingrove Park, quiz evenings, writing sessions and informal chats. Invitations and relevant information are circulated via, the teams pagesthe PhD Moodle community and Twitter.  Colleagues from the School of Education are invited to participate and we have also welcomed PGR students from other Schools to some of our activities. 

Sustainability in Learning & Teaching (SLT) Community

The SLT Community aims to create a hub of multidisciplinary connections that leads to L&T collaborations and activity around sustainability.  It is open to any colleague who has an interest in sustainability in relation to learning & teaching.

University of Glasgow Social Digital Change Group 

The Social Digital Change group leads the research in the relationship between digital technology and social, economic, political and cultural change. It is linked with the Digital Society and Economy research theme within the College of Social Science and draws membership from across the University leading to an international interdisciplinary research group. 

We also have a vibrant PGR group who have their monthly meetings every last Thursday of the month. This group is student-led and welcome PGR students from across the University who have an interest and/or experience of research broadly in any aspects related to social and digital change. The PGR group has a Microsoft Teams page,which any student may request to join and access.