Academic Promotion Criteria for 2019-20

Published: 4 July 2019

Criteria revised to recognise collaborative and supportive individuals

I am pleased to announce the new criteria for the Academic Promotions and Professorial Zone Movement round 2019-20 which will be launched in the autumn, writes the Principal, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli.

The criteria have been revised in important ways to recognise individuals who work collaboratively and who support their colleagues’ careers. The changes will help us to further a culture in which we value collaboration and incentivise research that is conducted to the highest standards. The criteria also place a greater emphasis on the change that research makes outside academia.
Changes introduced for 2019–20

The changes include:

  • The need to evidence excellence and collegiality across each of the criteria on all academic career tracks. The criteria recognise not only the achievement of the individual but also how that individual has supported the careers of others. We have provided examples of how each of the overarching principles could be demonstrated.
  • Parity of impact with outputs for those following a career pathway on the Research & Teaching track. Whilst still requiring a preponderance across the seven criteria, going forward we will require one of the qualifying criteria to be either outputs or impact. This change recognises the growing importance of how research leads to societal benefits.
  • In the Impact dimension, a focus on the achievement of the impact itself, rather than on those activities that might lead to impact.
  • The requirement to demonstrate a commitment to open research, that is, the sharing of our research with the wider community as early and as transparently as possible.
  • The introduction of a Readership track for staff on Learning, Teaching & Scholarship contracts.

I am immensely proud of the collegial ethos that already exists at the University. I want us to regard such behaviour as integral to the way we undertake our research, teaching and scholarship.

Academic achievements are rarely the result of individual endeavour alone. I hope that these new criteria — which are among the most progressive in the sector — will help us to recognise that we succeed when we work in partnership with those around us.

The following video provides more context for the ambitions of the University towards advancing our culture

Prof Miles Padgett video

Academic Promotion and Professorial Zone Movement Timescales

Launch of Academic Promotion and Zone Movement Round 1 October 2019
Completed applications to be received by HR by 20 December 2019
Applications available to Committees on SharePoint by 3 February 2020
College Promotion/Zone Movement Committees by 13 March 2020
Committees to notify HR of outcomes by 27 March 2020
Initial Principal’s Board of Review by 17 April 2020
Outcomes (final and prima facie) notified to all applicants by 30 April 2020
Final Principal’s Board of Review by 19 June 2020
Grade 9 and Professors notified of final outcomes by 30 June 2020
Effective date of promotion/Zone Movement 1 August 2020


Further Information

Details of the Academic Promotion & Professorial Zone Movement criteria can be found on the Academic Promotions page of the HR website.

For further information, please contact the Performance, Pay and Reward Team (

First published: 4 July 2019