Academic Promotion - 2023 round has now closed

The Academic Appointment and Promotion Policy sets out the principles that underpin a fair and transparent appointment and promotion process for all eligible academic staff. The promotion process is designed to recognise and reward excellent performance that supports the delivery of University objectives.

Academic Promotion 2023 Timetable is as follows:



Launch of Academic Promotion and Zone Movement Round

16 January 2023

 Deadline for Academic Promotion Applications to be completed online

13 March 2023

Deadline for Professorial Zone Movement Applicaitons to be completed online

31 March 2023

 Notified of final outcomes

By 30 June 2023*

 Effective date of promotion/Zone Movement

1 August 2023

* Subject to receipt of references.

The Academic Promotion platform can be accessed using the following link:

Academic Promotion Portal

Please see below links to our policy, forms, guidance and additional resources for your application for Academic Promotion. Instructions for using the online platform can be found here:

Academic Promotion System Guidance

The closing date for applications for the current round is 13th March 2023. 

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the PPR Team via the helpdesk.


Academic Promotion Whiteboard