Car parking update

Published: 23 May 2019

Details of car parking arrangements for next year

Members of staff will be aware that the new car parking arrangements at Gilmorehill, Garscube and Tay House have now been in place for five months.

As a brief reminder:

  • We developed the new arrangements in consultation with staff across the University.
  • All members of staff can apply for a permit each year.
  • Permits are awarded on the basis of four criteria – disability; caring responsibilities; length of journey to work; and business use.
  • Penalties are applied for parking on campus without a permit or for parking outwith a designated parking space.

The following points may be of interest:

  • The Lilybank car park is available to staff who hold standard permits as well as to paying members of the public. It has recently been resurfaced and is available for use.
  • Additional spaces at Thurso St are also being resurfaced - we will let you know when they are available for use.
  • We propose to reduce the number of visitor spaces on the north front at Gilmorehill and introduce a limited number of spaces for those arriving after 9.30am.
  • We also plan to introduce greater flexibility regarding occasional permits, with options to apply for 80, 100 and 120 day permits.
  • Any income from parking fines (most of which comes from members of the public illegally parking on campus) will be used to support plans to enhance green travel.
  • Applications for 2020 permits will open in October. The criteria will remain unchanged.
  • In 2020, standard staff permits for cars at Gilmorehill and Tay House will cost £310, while permits at Garscube will cost £210. Blue badge holders will continue to receive a permit free of charge. Full details will be published shortly.
  • Students can apply for permits at Garscube but not at Gilmorehill (with the exception of blue badge holders).

More information is available here:

I am grateful to everyone for their cooperation and also for the helpful advice received by email and via Yammer.

David Duncan
Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary

First published: 23 May 2019