Sustainability and Climate Change

As discussed at Senate on 10 October, in light of the University’s declaration of a climate emergency earlier this year, the Sustainability Working Group is working on a revised sustainability and climate change strategy which we hope to complete early in 2020.

The main goal is to achieve climate neutrality by a specified date which will address related issues such as the elimination of single-use plastics and recycling. At the same time, a group of academics has developed a proposal for a Centre for Sustainable Solutions, which will help to drive staff and student engagement in sustainability issues across the University.

Rachel Sandison, Vice Principal for External Relations, is convening a group to coordinate the University’s involvement in COP26, the UN’s climate change summit, which comes to Glasgow in December 2020. It should provide an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the work the University and its researchers are doing at multiple levels to address the climate emergency.






First published: 21 October 2019