The Language Resource Collection (LRC), previously the Language Resource Library (LRL), has moved to Level 4 of the Library.

The LRC supports language learning and teaching within the University. The collection focuses on languages taught by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Along with academic study many of the textbooks and multimedia guides are targeted at those wanting to improve their language skills.

The collection includes a wide range of material to support language learning, including:

  • Courses – from beginner to advanced
  • Dictionaries
  • Grammar Books
  • Films and Documentaries
  • IELTS Preparation Material
  • Graded Readers & Talking Books

Public Access

The LRC collection can be accessed, along with the rest of the Library, by either becoming an Alumni Member or Special Reader of the Library.

If you have any questions, contact the UofG Helpdesk or

How to Borrow, Renew and Return Items

Use the self-service machines in the Library to borrow, renew and return books and other items. 

There are also 2 external book return bins outside the Library.

Returning InterLibrary Loans

Return any items that we have obtained for you from another library to the ILL book return box beside the printers as you enter the Library.


If someone else requests something you have on loan we will ask you to return it within a week. We will contact you to let you know the new due date.

This applies at all times, so if you are going to be away from campus for some time, it's a good idea to return your books before you go.

Finding an item in the LRC

LRC items can be found by using Library Search.

The LRC uses a different classification scheme than the rest of the Library. It organises its holdings by language, content and academic level.


LRC items start with 3 letters of the language contained in the item, for example:

  • FRE - French
  • GER - German
  • POR - Portugese


The next letter tells you the content:

  • A - Dictionaries
  • B - Courses
  • C - Grammar
  • D - Vocabulary
  • G - Reading
  • H - Writing
  • J - Listening
  • K - Speaking
  • L - Pronunciation
  • M - Multimedia
  • P - Language for Professional Purposes
  • Q - Exam Preparation
  • R - Graded Readers*
  • T - Talking Books*
  • X - Films/Documentaries

Academic Level

The first number shows you the level of the book:

  • 1 - Beginner
  • 2 - Pre-intermediate
  • 3 - Intermediate
  • 4 - Upper intermediate
  • 5 - Advanced


  • ITS G3006 00 - Italian intermediate book on reading
  • SPA K5005 01 - Spanish advanced CD on speaking

Graded Readers and Talking Books

While most language learning material is divided into 5 academic levels, from Beginner to Advanced, Graded Readers and Talking Books have 6 academic levels depending on their word count:

  • 1 - about 300 basic words
  • 2 - about 600 basic words
  • 3 - about 1100 basic words
  • 4 - about 1400 basic words
  • 5 - about 1600 basic words
  • 6 - about 2200 basic words

Information on DVDs

Access to DVD's needed for your course

DVDs on course viewing lists will be found in the High Demand Collection (HDC) on Level 3. In most cases multiple copies will be available. DVDs in this collection can be borrowed for 24 hours.

Many films are available to watch on the 2 streaming services the Library subscribes to:

There is a DVD player available on Level 4 in the Sound and Vision Lab. No booking is necessary.


Some DVDs have 00 at the end of their classification and some have 01 or 02.

This offers a quick guide to the language of the film. DVDs with a number ending in 00 are in the native language of the film.

  • POL X0106 00 is a Polish film in the Polish language.
  • POL X0106 01 would mean it was a Polish film but was available with English subtitles
  • POL X0106 02 shows it is a Polish film with subtitles but not in English.

There is an anomaly however, if a DVD is one of a series it is numbered concurrently so the Polish TV series DOM is listed as POL X0123 01 & POL X0123 02, though both DVDs are in Polish with English subtitles.

Information on CD's

The number at the end of the CD class mark is to tell you the number of the CD. For example, if an English textbook has an accompanying CD the label on the book would be ENG B1003 00 and the accompanying CD would be labelled ENG B1003 01. If the textbook has more than one CD they will be numbered ENG B1003 01, ENG B1003 02, etc.