beSoTLed - Introduction

A very warm welcome to beSoTLed, an on-line resource to support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), hosted by the University of Glasgow.
In brief, the aim of beSoTLed is to: promote the development of teaching and enhancement of the learning environment by providing practical, collegial, academic and pastoral support for staff to engage with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

How will this SoTL resource help?

The resource has been designed to encourage staff to engage in SoTL by providing:

  • Practical resources for helping staff in their SoTL activity (e.g. links to and information about useful papers, relevant journals, and funding opportunities); and
  • Explorations of different conceptions of SoTL and different examples of engagement with SoTL 

Who is this resource for?

The beSoTLed website aims to provide support for staff at HE institutions who are involved in teaching and the support of student learning, to help improve their teaching, enhance the learning environment, and encourage and develop their pursuit of SoTL. 

How to use this resource

The intention is that ALL staff engaged in, or wishing to become in engaged in, SoTL should find this resource helpful to some degree.  For example, those who are entirely new to teaching may find it helpful to consider what SoTL actually is (what is SoTL?), and the information on the 5 stages of SoTL (5 stages of SoTL) about how to plan, implement, and evaluate teaching while being ‘scholarly’ in the process.  Others who have been involved in SoTL for a long time may prefer to use the site to find out what other scholars have done (see case studies).

This resource was co-authored by Lorna Morrow (Psychology) , Robert McKerlie (Dentistry) & Jane MacKenzie (Learning & Teaching Centre) with grant support from the University of Glasgow Chancellor’s Fund.