Plagiarism links

Plagiarism links

The University of Glasgow

The University has information pages on plagiarism which can be found at:

Indiana University Bloomington, School of Education

Understanding Plagiarism

Higher Education Academy

This 4-page Higher Education Academy guide outlines the major issues in plagiarism.  It was written by Jude Carroll for the Generic Centre and is entitled: "What kinds of solutions can we find for plagiarism?".

What kinds of solutions can we find for plagiarism?

 Universities Scotland

Racial equality issues in assessment:  Do all students understand what plagiarism means?

Subject-specific online tutorials

These have been developed at the University of Leicester and are freely available for use.

The disciplines covered are: Biological Sciences; Computer Science; Engineering; English (and American studies); Geography; Geology; History; Labour Market Studies; Law; Management; Medicine; Museum studies

The tutorials cover what plagiarism is and, importantly, the study skills required to avoid it. They may need some interpretation to align them with referencing conventions used at the University of Glasgow