Teaching Excellence Awards

The Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) recognise and celebrate members of staff whose teaching and contribution to learning is of a particularly high standard. As such, they are an indicator of esteem based on peer recognition of excellence in relation to teaching.

There are two levels of award, the first of which is College/Service Awards, from which two nominees per College can then be further nominated for a University level award.

Nominations will be considered by the University TEA Panel.

Awards can be made in the following categories:

  • Individual Excellence
  • Early Career
  • Career Excellence
  • Team

Colleagues are reminded that those who are nominating someone should inform the nominee and that Self nominations should be endorsed by two colleagues not included in the nomination.

Teaching Excellence Network

The Teaching Excellence Network was established this session, with a membership of Teaching Excellence Award winners as well as Principal and Senior Fellows of RET and/or HEA. The Network members aim to share practice and contribute to discussions within the University on matters relating to learning and teaching. Members will have the opportunity to explore innovative practice and join collaborative projects. In addition they will share information on forthcoming learning and teaching strategy, policy and practice.

Student-led teaching awards

The Students' Representative Council (SRC) has run student-led teaching awards since 2010. Details of these Student Teaching Awards (STAs) are now available on the SRC website.