Standard Staff Desktop 10

Please note: SSD 10 is currently in the pilot phase, so is not yet available to all staff.

Best practice

  • Please install updates and restart your workstation as soon as you receive notification.
  • You can store documents, spreadsheets etc on the desktop; these are automatically redirected to your H:drive.
  • Please don't upgrade any of the components of SSD that comprise the basic system. This is mainly to ensure compliance with software licencing but also because patches to standard programmes - eg Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer - are sometimes applied on the assumption that the version of the software installed is known.

Cloud storage recommendations

  • The University Cloud Storage policy details what type of information can be held on cloud storage.

  • The approved service for University Cloud storage is Office 365 OneDrive for Business

    Please note: the Office 365 Synchronisation client is not supported on SSD10. It is not required due to the powerful University network connection.