SSD 10 admin privileges

The SSD 10 default is for all users to be created without admin privileges.

Admin privileges allow you to install software on your PC from sources other than the University's Software Centre. But they also expose your PC, your data, and the whole University network to threats from increasingly sophisticated malware.

In response to Government advice on this threat, Information Services has brought in a new process to encourage everyone to think about whether and why they need admin privileges, and to only request them if really necessary.

Installing software

There's a large selection of pre-approved software available to you under University licenses via the Software Centre link on your desktop.

And you can install most modern software from legitimate sources into your normal user profile without admin privileges. Give it a try.

Other options:

  • Local IT support teams have admin privileges on SSD 10 machines and can help you install software.
  • SSD 10 supports App-V, meaning some types of software can be run without being installed. If you are a local IT team wishing to make software available this way, please contact the UofG Helpdesk.

How to request admin privileges

If you are in one of the categories below, you can request admin privileges:

Please note that submitting the form does not guarantee acceptance. Please ensure all sections are filled correctly or the request may be rejected. Each request will be considered on its own merits.