Insurance and Risk - Important Travel Update

**Notice for University staff currently stranded overseas on University business**

The University’s travel insurer (ACE) has issued a number of updates

Some of the key points from these updates include the following:

  • Rearrangement expenses incurred to complete the curtailed journey are not limited to flights
  • If, as a result of the flight being either cancelled or delayed the client remains liable for accommodation costs booked and these are not recoverable then we will consider such costs under the cancellation cover - this includes overseas accommodation expenses incurred whist the client is awaiting flights to become available to travel home to the UK.
  • Due to an exclusion invoked by the insurers as a result of the circumstances surrounding the disruption, the policy will not cover the cost of food, drink and phone calls, etc.
  • The Travel Helpline can help with locating temporary accommodation, or alternative forms of transport etc, however they will not be responsible for actually booking or making any payments for same

Insurance Claims:
Staff should ensure that any costs incurred are ‘reasonable and appropriate’, and that all receipts pertaining to such costs are retained (these will need to be submitted with the claim form).

Further Information on Claims

Note: Any insurance cover that is available will only apply to staff/post-graduate students who requested the University’s travel insurance prior to their trip.

Other Advice:
Staff who are currently using their credit cards to meet costs should ensure that their card provider is aware that their stay in the foreign location has been extended (there have been reports of transactions being refused because the return date from overseas held on the card providers’ records had passed).

Staff using their personal credit cards should also consider contacting their card provider to request a temporary increase on their card limit.

In some cases a member of staff’s department will hold a Purchasing Card and this can be used by the card holder to book accommodation for staff stranded overseas, thus relieving the financial strain on their own finances.

Ian Allan Travel will, with an order number and subject to availability, book hotels for staff who have booked with them, New bookings for accommodation or travel would just require an order number. The contact numbers for Ian Allan are –

Office Hours (Monday to Friday) 0830 – 1800:    0845 872 6008

Emergency Out of Hours Contact:    01908 009046

Human Resources also have a web page for staff whose return to work has been affected by the travel disruption.

Some UK banks are waiving fees for money withdrawn by passengers stranded overseas by the volcanic ash cloud -

Any further enquiries should be directed in the first instance to Susan Cruikshank (Email:  Tel. 0141-330-8659)