Insurance and Risk - How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim

In the event of an insured person incurring costs as a result of an incident which is covered by the Travel policy, please use the claim forms attached below. Completed claim forms should be returned to the Insurance Section (e-mail: together with supporting documentation (the form must not be sent directly to the Insurers).

Please do not alter the payment section. All payments from Insurers will be made to the University of Glasgow as the policyholder – reimbursement will then be made to the individual, if applicable, or credited to the School / Research Unit / Department. You will be contacted separately to arrange this.

Please ensure you read the following guidance and submit the relevant supporting documentation. Any claim forms submitted without the correct information will be returned, resulting in a delay in the processing of your claim.

Cancellation / Curtailment / Disruption

The recovery of flight costs should always be sought from the airline in the first instance. A claim for any unrecovered costs falling within these categories can then be made through the Insurance Section. Please enclose the following supportive documentation with your claim form:

  • A copy of the original itinerary / booking
  • Unused portion of travel arrangements (accomodation, flights, etc.) in the case of curtailment or alteration of travel plans
  • Advice from the carrier / airline confirming the scheduled time and date of departure, the actual time of departure and the reason for the delay
  • Copy of documentation from airline / travel agent confirming the amount of refund, or explanation if no refund is offered
  • Medical certificate issued by GP or Consultant who confirmed inability to travel, if cancellation is due to illness
  • Receipts for additional costs incurred (e.g. accomodation, alternative travel, airline change fees)

Please note that if you have cancelled a flight or are not using your planned return flight, the airline should at least refund the airport taxes and confirmation should be received before submitting the claim.

If no refund is available due to administration fees, confirmation of this should be submitted with your claim.

Claims for curtailment should only be submitted where you had already booked a return flight for your original planned date. If you did not have a return flight booked then please contact the insurance team for advice before submitting your claim.

 Travel Cancellation Claim Form

Medical Expenses

If you wish to make a claim under this section of the travel policy, please enclose the following supporting documentation with your claim form:

  • A copy of the original travel itinerary / booking
  • Medical reports and certificates issued by the treating doctor
  • Invoices for all expenses claimed
  • If applicable, a copy of your EHIC or national insurance card

Medical Expenses Claim Form

Personal Property and Money (Including Delayed Baggage)

Compensation for lost or damaged baggage should be obtained from the airline in the first instance. If the airline do not meet the full costs of your claim, you can make a claim under the travel insurance. If you wish to make a claim under this section, please enclose the following documentation with your claim form:

  • A copy of the original travel itinerary / booking
  • Police report if applicable
  • Original purchase invoice(s), if available, and quote(s) / invoice(s) for replacement item(s)
  • The carrier / airline Property Irregularity Report (PIR) or letter confirming loss, damage or delay
  • For delayed baggage, receipts for essential items purchased prior to you receiving your baggage
  • Details of any compensation you have received from the airline and any other correspondence with them.

Personal Property Claim Form