Insurance and Risk - All Risks Cover

'All Risks' cover is now automatically available for University property taken off campus, provided it falls within the following parameters -

  • All Equipment (excluding laptops) - Single Article Limit £5,000 (Limit any one trip - £25,000)

This additional cover applies worldwide, although there is a £250 excess on the policy. Any item that qualifies for this cover does not need to be advised to the Insurance Section.

If the value of the item(s) exceeds these limits, or if the item is being used in a hazardous activity/environment, then separate 'All Risks' insurance will be required if the property is to be covered against damage or loss. This cover can be expensive and needs to be arranged through the Insurance Section. The University's insurance broker will deal with each request on an individual basis and therefore the actual cost will not be known without consultation with the broker.

Quotes can be provided if the Insurance Section is given a minimum of five working days notice prior to the date on which the cover is due to commence.

Requests for "All Risks" cover should be emailed to the Insurance Section -  . The following information must be provided:

  • Details of equipment/goods
  • Value of items
  • Inclusive cover dates
  • Financial project number for charge

If you have any queries regarding 'All Risks' cover then please contact the Insurance Section.