Insurance revaluation of contents 2019

Insurance & Risk – Change in Contents Valuation (2019)

Each year the University has to inform its property insurers of any significant increases or decreases in the value of contents which have taken place since the previous declaration (which in this instance was back in April/May 2018).

A full revaluation exercise does not need to be undertaken and this is simply a request for information where the value of a School/Institution/Department’s contents within a particular building has varied in total by more than £100,000 during the period June 2018 to February 2019 (either through purchases/acquisitions or through disposals).

Where possible, items should be valued at replacement cost and should include those for which the University is responsible (they do not necessarily need to be owned by the University).

Please select the link at the bottom of this page to proceed to the online valuation form. Please complete all fields (only totals are required – we do not need a detailed breakdown of the items involved) and then click on the send button. This will automatically forward your information to the Insurance Section for consolidation.

Forms do not need to be submitted for 'Nil' returns.

The deadline for submitting the completed form is ** Friday 1st March 2019 **

If anyone has any queries concerning this exercise or the completion of the form, then he/she should go to the Frequently Asked Questions web page -

Revaluation of Contents (FAQ)

or email -

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Ian Thomson

Insurance & Risk Manager

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