Insurance and Risk - Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Are staff/students insured?
The rather simplistic answer is "No, but the University is insured".

It is important to realise that the insurance is primarily in place to protect Glasgow University and that, with the exception of the travel policy and a couple of field trip policies, there is no insurance cover that will automatically recompense an individual for injury or loss/damage to personal property.
The University does not carry Personal Accident policies (with the exception of a couple of academic units who have their own such policy) but it does hold all of the covers necessary (e.g. Employers' Liability, Public Liability, etc.) to defend/settle a claim for damages from a member of staff, a student, or third party, where the University is deemed to have been negligent. 
University Property

Question: What cover is in place to protect University's property?
There are three policies that provided potential cover for the loss of, or damage to, property owned by (or in the possession of) the University.

The main Property Policy covers all of the University's buildings. It also covers items located in "any building owned or occupied by the University anywhere in Great Britain and Northern Ireland".
Claims under this policy are subject to a £50,000 excess on each and every claim

The All Risks Policy provides insurance for property taken off campus, providing the item value falls within the following parameters -

  • All Equipment (excluding laptops) - Single Article Limit £5,000
    (Limit any one trip - £25,000)

This cover applies worldwide, although there is a £250 excess on the policy.

The Computer Policy now provides cover for the University's computers worldwide. Please see the  summary for terms and conditions.


Question: Am I insured for travelling on business? 
The University's travel insurance covers staff and students travelling on business if the journey is outside the UK, or if it is within the UK and involves air travel or an overnight stay. An on-line form must be completed for each journey. An insurance cover note will be returned via e-mail.

Staff/Students should note that there is an additional premium payable where an individual is abroad for 12 months or more. Failure to advise the Finance Office of such stays may result in the cover being invalid.

Staff/Students going abroad are responsible for ensuring that they are not travelling to an area that has been deemed 'out of bounds' by the Foreign Office. If you are in any doubt about the area to which you are travelling then you should check with the Foreign Office website ( ) before travelling.
Question: Are members of my family insured through the University's policy if they are travelling with me?
The University's policy now covers accompanying spouses/partners and children of staff and postgraduate students, although the benefits are less than for the member of staff (see  the  policy summary). Individuals requiring travel insurance for other family members should take out their own separate cover.

Question: How do I make a claim on University Travel Policy.
Contact the Insurance Section by e-mail to providing the following information:

  • Name and address.
  • Brief nature of claim to determine type of claim form required e.g. Medical Expenses, Cancellation/Curtailment, Delayed/Missed departure, Personal Effects/Money.

Question: What cover is provided for University-owned property that accompanies staff/students on a trip?
Answer: University owned property (which is being taken on a journey) is covered in one of two ways -

  • through the All Risks Policy which covers individual pieces of equipment (excluding laptops) up to £5,000 (limit any one trip of £25,000) but has a £250 excess or
  • through the Travel Policy which has a cover limit of £3,000.

    (Note: Laptops are covered separately through the Compuer Policy, with an excess of £250)

Question:Where can I get further information on the territory that I am planning to visit?