Leisure Travel

The intention of the travel insurance is to ensure that the wellbeing of staff and students is protected whilst traveling for university related purposes.

However, it is appreciated that staff and students will also take part in leisure activities and travel during such trips.

When you apply for travel insurance you should specify any holiday time you are taking on your application form. However, you do not need to specify weekends or public holidays. 


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The insurance provides cover for leisure activities incidental to university business.

This means that:

  • the policy cover will operate if you are undertaking leisure activities or travel within commuting distance of your destination for up to a maximum of three consecutive days.
  • if the duration of your trip is four days in total and three days of that is leisure time, you would need to arrange personal travel insurance for the leisure portion of the trip
  • if you are travelling to another destination for personal purposes during your trip & that travel involves an overnight stay or a flight then this would be considered a separate trip and again you would need your own personal travel insurance.

If your holiday time is over three consecutive days or if more days during the trip will be spent on leisure time than business time, you will need to arrange your own personal travel insurance for the leisure portion of the trip.

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Information for Students travelling for a semester or a year abroad.

The travel insurance will cover a maximum of two trips home during a break in your studies e.g. during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

However, any trips home needs to be specified on your application form to ensure you are covered. The policy will cover your journey home but won’t operate whilst you are at home.

If you are remaining at your specified destination during University holidays, you don’t need to take any action.

The policy will provide cover for a week at the beginning of your studies and one week at the end but please note the maximum period of cover is 364 days.