Student Travel Insurance

Privacy notice for travel insurance

Travel Insurance can be arranged for employees, their spouses or partners, and students provided they are undertaking travel on University related business

Travel insurance information for students

Applications should be submitted as soon as travel arrangements have been finalised.

The policy will cover these individuals whilst on a journey either

  1. Outside the United Kingdom
  2. Within the United Kingdom, but only if -
    • it involves air travel, or
    • it involves an overnight stay

*** Please be aware that Personal travel insurance policies will NOT necessarily cover a business trip. ***

An additional premium is charged by the Insurers where an individual is planning to be overseas for more than twelve months (Long Term Secondments), or if the individual is likely to be participating in any hazardous activity. This cost needs to be met locally. Failure to advise the Finance Office of extended stays or hazardous activities, may result in the cover being deemed invalid by the Insurers. Staff should note that this may also apply to travel to 'disturbed areas' (see below)

Duty of care to staff travelling overseas on University business

See Duty of care page

Support services for travellers on University business are also available through the travel insurer's web site. Details of these can be found in the 'Duty of Care' link above.

To arrange travel insurance:
Please complete a travel insurance form at least five full working days prior to departure.

Persons travelling to any of the following countries must also include a  or ‌ (as applicable), at least ten full working days prior to departure -

Colombia, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Philipines, Venezuela, Yemen, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Somalia or North Korea.

An insurance cover note for travel will be sent by email at least 2 days prior to departure, providing the travel insurance form has been submitted at least 5 full working days in advance of your trip. 

Please note that you may not receive a cover note before your departure if you have submitted the on-line form less than 5 full working days prior to the commencement of your journey.