Appendix C - Age

C1          Age requirements for certain courses

Decisions on admission to certain courses are made not only on the basis of qualifications achieved, but on maturity and experience judged necessary to successfully participate in aspects of the course, for example interaction with patients.  This may result in some exceptionally young applicants not being admitted to the course.  Courses will make their entry requirements clear to applicants, and will judge each case on its merits.

C2          Retirement Guidance for University staff

C2.1    The University does not operate a default retirement age.  This means that there is not a set age when staff are required to retire from the University.  Members of staff can still choose to retire from their post by giving their normal contractual notice.

C2.2    Should a member of staff wish to retire, they should discuss it with their Head of School, Director of Research Institute or University Service in the first instance, then contact their Human Resources Team to make the necessary arrangements.

C2.3    It is recognised that discussing future retirement provides the opportunity for both the member of staff and the University to plan for the future.  In line with ACAS guidelines it is suggested that a good forum for discussion of future plans including retirement is through the annual Performance and Development Review process.  This process can incorporate discussion with staff of all ages about where they see themselves in the next few years and their future contribution to the organisation.  Where an employee indicates that they are considering retirement, a more detailed discussion can take place around their intentions.  To avoid age discrimination it is good practice to ensure that all staff are asked about their future plans.  This does not preclude members of staff who are considering retirement discussing their plans with their line manager or Head of School/DoRI/University Service at any point in the year.

C2.4    It is important to note that if a member of staff indicates in discussions that they intend to retire, this decision is not binding until they give formal notice.

C3          Further information and contacts(25)

C3.1       On Campus

University Age Equality Champion

Staff Handbook

Pay and Pensions Section
Finance and Purchasing Office
Gilbert Scott Building
Glasgow G12 8QQ

Mature Students’ Association
62 Oakfield Avenue
Glasgow G12 8QQ

University of Glasgow Retired Staff Association


(25) Please also see section 10 of the policy.