Appendix F - Marriage and Civil Partnership

F1           Equality legislation

Marriage and civil partnership is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, for the purposes of direct or indirect discrimination, and relates only to employment. 

The protected characteristic applies only to people who are married or in a civil partnership, in other words single people are not protected under this heading.

F2           Supporting Infrastructure

F2.1    The Gender and Sexual Diversity Group remit includes supporting and advising the University on its legal obligations, promoting cultural change, considering implications of external good practice and overseeing the implementation and further development, as necessary, of policies and practices relating to the protected characteristics of sexual orientation, gender reassignment and marriage and civil partnership.  The group consults with relevant stakeholders as appropriate.  It reports to The Equality and Diversity Strategy Committee.

F2.2    The University can be used as a venue for weddings and civil partnerships.

F3           Further information and contacts(30)

F3.1       On Campus

University LGBT+ Equality Champion (also has responsibility for marriage and civil partnership issues)

University Gender Equality Champion

University Interfaith Chaplaincy
Chapel Corridor (South)
West Quadrangle
Main Building
Glasgow G12 8QQ

Tel: 0141 330 5419

Weddings and Civil Partnerships at the University

 Please also see section 10 of the policy.