Writings on the Calendar

Johannis de Saxonia (?): Kalendarium novum.  Johannis de Garlandia: Tabula principalis, Contratabula.  Petrus de Daci: Tabula de loco lunae.  Johannis de Saxonia: Computus novus.  Anon: De diebus criticis.  Gulielmi de Conchis: Dialogus de Mundo.

France, Paris: third quarter of the 13th Century
Sp Coll MS Hunter 444 (V.5.14)

This late 13th-century French manuscript contains works on chronology, astronomy and astrology. They are by several authors and written in a variety of scribal hands.

The manuscript is generously illustrated, with astronomical diagrams and chronological tables, as well as purely decorative work. Peter of Dacia’s table of the moon’s positions is set out in a fine black and red trellis pattern (below). William of Conches’ essay on the structure of the universe includes diagrams showing the zodiac, the warm, cold and temperate zones of the earth and lunar eclipses. In addition to various diagrams of geocentric cosmology, William includes a diagram in which Venus and Mercury revolve around the sun, not around the earth.

Writings on the Calendar: Petrus de Daci's 'Tabula de Loco Lunae'
Peter of Dacia's table of the moon's positions, set out in a black and red trellis pattern.

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