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Remarks 1809

2 May 1809 Come to anchor at St Martins [Ile de Re, Brittany, France]
  Sent the bots [boats] 2 Brigs, 2 Sloops
  2 Luggers, 2 Cafsemires [Cassemires ?]
10 May 1809 Come to Ancher [anchor] at Plymouth
19 May 1809 Paeed [paid] our Waidges [wages] 7- 5 [7 pounds 5 shillings]
20 May 1809 Sailed from Plymouth to Rochford [Rochefort, Brittany, France]
27 July 1809 Tooke [took] a french Sconer [schooner] in the
  River Lore [Loire]   Name  La Eugin  Cargo
  Wood, Mr Smith, Plymouth Agent
12 August 1809 Tooke [took] the Hop American Brige [brig]
  Standing in to Lorioung [Lorient, Brittany, France]   Smith Agent 
8 January 1811 {in pencil}

Receved [received]                   £9-3-  [9 pounds 3 shillings]   {in pencil}



1 September 1809

Tooke [took] 5 Luggers in Ballast at Cruget

  point near Queveroun Bay [Quiberon Bay, Peninsula of Quiberon, Brittany, France] .  Smith Agent
2 October 1809 Tooke [took]  a french Lugger of  [off] Queveroun Bay. 
                            Smith Agent
3 October 1809 in Company with the Accadmest [?]
  Brige [brig] to the Le Beer Venu [Le Bienvenue ?]    Cargo
  Wood. of [off] Cruget point.  Smith Agent
5 October 1809 Tooke [took] a cafsemire [cassamire ?]   Cargo  Brandy
  Paeed [paid]   3-11  [3 pounds 11 shillings]
21 October 1809 Retooke [retook] the Brutos American Ship
  in the Channel being 3 days in the french Pofsio [possession]
15 November 1809 Come to Anchor [anchor] at Plymouth
14 November 1809 Got my fingers jamed [jammed] by the Armours [armourers] hano
30 November 1809 Paeed [paid] our Waidges [wages]  7-1  [7 pounds 1 shilling]
2 December 1809 Sailed from Rochford [Rochefort, Brittany, France]
20 December 1809 Got my finger cutt [cut] off
24 December 1809 Tooke [took] the Le Venture [Aventure] french Priviteer
  Brige [brig] of 14 Guns & 805 Hands of [off] Burdox [Bordeaux, France]
          Paeed [paid]   4-17-4  [4 pounds 17 shillings 4 pence]

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