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Remarks 1810

7 January 1810 Tooke [took] the Recovery, Amerian [American]
  Brige [brig] .  Cargo.  Staves [wood] , cotton & Sundrys [sundries]
  off Burdox [Bordeaux, France] Mr Smith Agent
  Paid £5-1-6 [5 pounds 1 shilling 6 pence] Dec 20 1811 {in pencil}
12 January 1810 In Company with the Unicorn [HMS Unicorn (1794) {Wikipedia}]
  Toke [took] the Venture [Aventure - French privateer] , American
  Ship from New York to St Basta [San Sebastian, Spain]
  Cargo Staves [wood] , Cotton, Sundrys [sundries]
  Mr. Smith, Plymouth, Agent
  Paeed [paid] into Greenwich {in pencil}
13 January 1810 Tooke [took] the Le Horondol [Hirondelle] french
  Priviteer [privateer] Brige [brig] of 14 Guns & 76
  Hands of [off] Burdox [Bordeaux, France] , Smith Agent
  Paeed [paid]    £2 [2 pounds]
24 January 1810 fell in with the Reuard [Reward] at sea
  Transport Brige [brig] V No 22 with
  no person on bord [board] hire [her] .  Sent into
  Plymouth.  Smith Agent
  Paeed [paid]    3/11 [3 shillings 11 pence]
25 January 1810 Tooke [took] the Le Nuvillee [Le Nouvelle] Unoun [unknown]
  french Sconer [schooner] off Burdox [Bordeaux, France]
  Cargo Corn.  Smith Agent
  Paeed [paid]  £2-14-4  [2 pounds 14 shillings 4 pence]
6 February 1810 Tooke [took] the Westesia Danish
  Brige [brig] off Burdox [Bordeaux, France] Cargo
  Dales [deal, wood] & Fish.  Smith Agent
  Paeed [paid]  £2-16-4  [2 pounds 16 shillings 4 pence]
10 April 1810 Tooke [took] the June Camilia
  French Brige [brig] Cargo Wood
  off St Basta [San Sebastian, Spain]
  Paeed [paid]  11/  [11 shillings]
27 April 1810 Tooke [took] the Inbaf [Inbas ?] Manna & the Maria
  St Ann french luggers of Rochell [Rochelle, France]
  One 70 tun [ton] other 50 tun [ton] 

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