Logbook - Page 16


Remarks 1809

22 January 1809 Sailed of to Join the Channel Fleet
26 January 1809 Come to anchor at Tarby [Torbay, Devon, England]
30 January 1809 Left Tarby
1 February 1809 Come to Anchor at Falmouth [Cornwall, England]
5 February 1809 John McLamara fell from the
  Main topmasthead & was killed  
                     36  [36th person to die]
7 February 1809 Left Falmouth on a cruse [cruise]
12 February 1809 Come to Anchor at Falmouth
18 February 1809 Left Falmouth
23 February 1809 Went to Brist [Brest, France] look into the
  Harbour & the french fleet had
  left the Harbour
25 February 1809 Sailed for Cadiz [Spain] in the search for them
4 March 1809 Come to Anchor off Cadiz
  next day the fleet arived [arrived]
26 March 1809 Come to Anchor off Medera [Island of Madeira, Portugal] with
  the fleet
28 March 1809 Left Medara with the fleet
18 April 1809 Come to Anchor at Plymouth [England]
23 April 1809 Sailed for Rochfort [Rochefort, France] 2 days befor [before] the
  french fleet was Destroyed
26 April 1809 Arived [arrived] at Rochfort
 The sixteenth page from Andrew Service's logbook recording events on board HMS Medusa. This page, dated 1808, covers the period from 22nd January 1809 to 26th April 1809, and begins with HMS Medusa joining the Channel Fleet to sail to France and Spain, then onto Madeira before returning to Plymouth.  Sets sail for Rochefort in France thereafter.  (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)

(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)

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