Logbook - Page 9


Remarks 1806

28 October 1806 23 Sail got under weigh [way] & went into
  Mount d Video [Montevideo, Uruguay] & got within gunshot
  of the toun [town] come to Action which
  lasted one Hour but ther [there] being not
  water enough for the Ships for
  to go in we was obliged to haul
  off.  we recived [received] no Dammage [damage] exept [except]
  Some of our Shourouds [shrouds] shote [shot]
  away.  the Leader [HMS Leda (1800) {Wikipedia}]  frigat [frigate] had
  one Man killed & one wounded
29 October 1806 Got under weigh [way] at 4 Oclock in the
  morning & went down to Moldinado [Maldonado Bay, Uruguay]
  the Deadam [ HMS Diadem (1782) {Wikipedia}] , Deamaid [HMS Diomede (1782) {Wikipedia}] , Leader [HMS Leda (1800) {Wikipedia}]  
  2 Gun Brigs & 13 Transports with
  Troops come to anchor, landed
  2 Thousand Soldiers murines [marines] and Seaman
  Marched up to the Toun [town] & after 4
  ours [hours] action took possision [possession] of the
  place.  there was 4 Killed & Wounded
  & 100 of the Spainiards [Spaniards] Do. [killed and wounded] 30 .5 Forths
  Mountain 25 . 24 pounders surended [surrendered]
  next day without anny [any] Resistence
20 November 1806 Tooke [took] the Roller Amerian [American] brige [brig]
  Cargo Hides & Tallo [tallow]
23 November 1806 Fell in with a English Marchiman [merchantman]
  from the Cap of Good Hop [Cape of Good Hope] with March
  endis [merchandise] .  The Ships crew had rose
  upon the Master & ouner [owner] & the Mate
  waas Stabed [stabbed] in Several places
  they were takin [taking] here [her] into Mount d Video [Montevideo, Uruguay]
  they run here [her] on the shore & tooke [took] the
  boat.  we tooke [took] as much as we cold [could]
  out of here [her] & set here [her] on fire
24 November 1806 Jas [James] Bell fell overbord [overboard] & was Dround [drowned]   25  [25th person to die]
 The ninth page from Andrew Service's logbook recording events on board HMS Medusa. This page, dated 1806, covers the period from 23rd October to 24th November 1806, and continues recounting the engagement with the Spanish around Montevideo, Uruguay.  (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)

(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)

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