Logbook - Page 8


Remarks 1806

25 September 1806 The Deadam [ HMS Diadem (1782) {Wikipedia}] Diemaid [HMS Diomede (1782) {Wikipedia}]  & our Ship
  Got under weigh [way] & went within 3 Mills [miles]
  of the town & sent in a flag of Truce
  the town is not very large but well
  fortifyed [fortified] & a Good harbour for Merchinmen [merchantmen]
1 October 1806 Arived [arrived] the Protector Brige with 3 Transports ?
  of our Convoy with Troops on bord [board]
4 October 1806 Arived [arrived] the Lancester [HMS Lancaster (1797) {Wikipedia}] 64 [guns] with 7 Sail
  of Transports with Troops from the
  Cap of Good hop [Cape of Good Hope]
14 October 1806 Deadam [ HMS Diadem (1782) {Wikipedia}]  Lancester [HMS Lancaster (1797)  {Wikipedia}] Deamaid [HMS Diomede (1782) {Wikipedia}]
  Leder [HMS Leda (1800) {Wikipedia}] our Ship 3 Brigs & 18 Sail
  of Transports.  Got under weigh [way] & went
  within 6 Mills [miles] of the town.  the
  forts fired 30 Guns
17 October 1806 the Trustee Brige [brig] & we went within
  Gun Shot of the town.  the Brige [brig]
  fired a Brodsid [broadside] on Shore & they returned
  it from the forts but did no damag [damage]
  we fired a Gun on Shore & was in
  Quarter less four
20 October 1806 Being closs [close] in Shore & gettin [getting] becalm'd [becalmed]
  they sent out 20 Gunbots [gunboats] Mountin [mounting]
  24 pounders long guns ech [each] .  We Ingaged [engaged]
  them for 3 1/2 ours [hours] , but they not comin [coming]
  closs [close] enough our shot did not damage
  them much.  hover [however] they had 3 or 4
  of ther [their] bots [boats] desebled [disabled] & we sustained
  no other dammage [damage] but a few of our
  Shorouds [shrouds] shote [shot] away

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