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Remarks 1806

1 December 1806 Fell in with the Samson [HMS Sampson (1781) {Wikipedia}]  64 [guns] with
  Admiral Stirling [Charles Stirling {Wikipedia}]  on bord [board] & 10 Sail of
  Transports.  Come to Anchor at
  Moldinado [Maldonado, Uruguay]
5 January 1807 Arived [arrived] the Ardent [HMS Ardent (1796) {Wikipedia}]  64 [guns] with 23 Sail
  of Transports with Troops
13 January 1807 Got under weight [way] with 76 Sail of
  Man of Ware [war] & Transports for Mount
  -d Vidio [Montevideo, Uruguay] 
16 January 1807 Landed 9500 Soldiers.  marins [marines] &
  Seamen about 10 Mills [miles] from the
  town.  the Gun brigs keept [kept] up a
  Constant fire upon the enemy
18 & 19 January 1807 Engaged the Spanish Army &
  Defeted [defeated] them with the loss of

a Number on both sids [sides]

21 January 1807 March'd [marched] up to the Toun [town] .  the
  Spainards [Spaniards] Sent out a renforcement [reinforcement]
  which was totly Defeted [totally defeated] by our
  Troops.  Spainish [Spanish] killed & wounded
  900, prisioners [prisoners] 300, English killed
  & wounded 200
25 January 1807 Two frigats [frigates] two Sloops of Ware [war] &
  three arm ships went closs [close] in
  Shore & keept [kept] up a Constant fire
  for 4 ours [hours] & all the forts on Shore
  playing on the Toun [town] .  Non [none] of the
  Vessels receved [received] anny [any] other damage
  exep [except] in thire [their] Sails & riggin [rigging]
  Lost 1 man at the takin [taking] of
  Mount d Vido [Montevideo, Uruguay]  26  [26th person to die]
 The tenth page from Andrew Service's logbook recording events on board HMS Medusa. This page, dated 1806, covers the period from 1st December 1806 to 25th January 1807, and continues recounting the engagement with the Spanish around Montevideo, Uruguay.  (GUAS Ref: UGC 182. Copyright reserved.)

(GUAS Ref: UGC 182.  Copyright reserved.)



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