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Remarks 1807

1 October 1807 Andrew Rice, Marin [marine] died of the fever at Sea  29 [29th person to die]
8 October 1807 Crossed the luchinouching [lucky ocean] Line [crossing the Equator, see line-crossing ceremony {Wikipedia}]
19 October 1807 Cross the Troffick [Tropic of Cancer] Line
25 October 1807 Petter fellow, Seaman fell overbord [overboard] and was dround [drowned]  30 [30th person to die]
8 November 1807 Come to Anchor at Spithead [off Portsmouth, England]
25 November 1807 Ship went into Harbour
3 December 1807 Ship went into Dock
12 January 1808 Ship came out of Dock
28 January 1808 Ship came out of the Harbour
3 February 1808 Paeed [paid] our waidges [wages]      34  [34 pounds]
14 February 1808 Sailed to cruse [cruise] Haverdgrass [formerly Le Havre de Grace, now Le Havre, France]
26 March 1808 Tooke [took] 25 Sail of French fishin [fishing] bots [boats] of
28 March 1808 Sailed to cruse [cruise] of [off] Haverdgrass
4 April 1808 Tooke [took] the Le Aitive [Le Actif] french Privateer [privateer]
10 April 1808 Come to Anchor at Spithead [off Portsmouth, England]
25 April 1808 Sailed in Company with the Ethelli- [HMS Ethalion (1802) {Wikipedia}]
  for to cruse [cruise] of [off] the Labdordor [Labrador, Canada] shore
1 May 1808 Jas [James] Michell [Mitchell ?] Marine & Alexr [Alexander] Ross [Ross]   32  [32nd person to die]
  Seaman died of the fever at Sea
11 May 1808 Samuell Queen died of the fever at Sea   33  [33rd person to die]
18 May 1808 William Shepherd, Captain's Stuard [steward]
  Di ed of the fever at Sea   34  [34th person to die]

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