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Remarks 1807

28 May 1807 Arived [arrived] the Pollyphemus [HMS Polyphemus (1782) {Wikipedia}] with
  Admiral Murry [Rear Admiral Sir George Murray {Wikipedia}, see also National Maritime Musuem collection], the Ardent [HMS Ardent 1796) {Wikipedia}] the
  Sarison [HMS Saracen (1804) {Wikipedia}] slop [sloop] of ware [war] with 29
29 May 1807 Thomas Willer died of the fever  28  [28th person to die]
18 June 1807 Sailed for Bouone Yeares [Buenos Aires, Argentine] with
  70 Sail of Transports & 6 Gunbots [gunboats]
Between 18 June 1807 Landed nigh 11 Thousand Soldiers
and 10 September 1807 marrins [marines] & Seamen under the
[page ripped] Comand [command] of General Whitlock [Lieutenant-General John Whitelocke {Wikipedia}]
  20 Mills [miles] from the Toun [town]
  March'd [marched] up to the town &
  Ingaged [engaged] the Spainards [Spaniards] but they
  being So Numerous & the place
  so well fortifyed [fortified] & General Whitlock

keeping back 6000 of the Troops

  they were obliged to Surender [surrender]
  prisioners [prisoners] to the Spainards [Spaniards] & after
  wards obliged to come upon terms
  viz [namely] that the English was [were] to give
  up Mount d Vidio [Montevideo, Uruguay] & that all the
  English both at Mount d Vidio [Montevideo, Uruguay]
  Buona Yeares [Buenos Aires, Argentine] was to leve [leave]
  the River in a month & that
  the English Ships to leve [leave] the River
  in 6 Months.  the Spaniards was to delever [deliver] up all the prisioners [prisoners]
  Taken at Bouna Yeares [Buenos Aires, Argentine] & vitual [provide with food]
  the Ships
10 September 1807 Went up the River to water [take on] with the
8 September 1807 the English flage [flag] hauld [hauled] doun [down] at
  Mount d Vidio [Montevideo, Uruguay] & the Spanish flage [flag]
  hoised [hoisted] in its place they inlumitated [illuminated]
  the toun [town] & fired a Sallut [salute]
15 September 1807 Saild [sailed] for England with the fleet
20 September 1807 parted with them & med [made] the best
  of our waigh [way] to England with
  the Dispaches [dispatches]

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