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Remarks 1808

19 May 1808 Got Soundings on the banks of Neufondland [Newfoundland]
4 June 1808 Come to Anchor at Crookharbour [Cook's Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador province, Canada]
  North west cost [coast] of America [Island of Newfoundland, Canada] .  this place
  is very mountaneous [mountainous] and no Inhabitence [inhabitants]
  here exept [except] a few people that stop to cure
  fish.  Caugh [caught] great plenty of cod fish
  here with Gigers [jigger - a traditional Newfoundland unbaited weighted hook]
25 June 1808 Sailed from Crookharbour
27 June 1808 Come to Anchor at Battle harbour [Newfoundland and Labrador province, Canada]
  this place is is very mountaneous [mountainous] & few
  Inhabitences [inhabitants] upon it.  plenty of fish
  to be caught here
3 July 1808 Left Battle harbour.  The Ice alongst [along side]
  the cost [coast] is very high and extends
  a long ways from the shore.  we fell

in with peces [pieces] out of sight of land

  about 70 foot high & sum [some] of the [them]
  1 Mill [mile] in linth [length] .  Ther [there] is no knight [night]
  here at this time of the year
31 July 1808 Come to Anchor at Saddle harbour [Newfoundland and Labrador province, Canada] 
  the Inhabitences [inhabitants] are all Indiens [Indians] and
  drast [dressed] in Skins of Different kinds
  and thire [their]  cannos [canoes] is med [made] of skinis [skins]
  only to hold one man ech [each] & they
  can carry them in ther [their] hands
8 August 1808 Left Saddle harbour  
16 August 1808 Got on a Rock three leges [leagues] off the
  Land Larbordor [Labrador, Canada] shore & Remained
  for halfe en our [half an hour] afterwards got
  off without much Dammage [damage] .
  Isace Milton died in at State [a state]
  of Intoxicasion [intoxication]
2 September 1808 Come to anchor at Francis harbour [Newfoundland and Labrador province, Canada]
4 September 1808 Left Francis harbour

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