List of Regulations

Regulation NumberRegulation Title
1 Registration
2 Sponsio Academica - University Oath
3 Personal Data
4 Disabled Students
5 Annual Fees
10 Degree Examination Enrolment - Undergraduate, Diploma and Other Courses
12 Graduation and General Council Membership
13 Payment of Monies Due to the University
16 Code of Assessment for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes
17 Instructions to Candidates on their Conduct in Written Examinations
18 Use of a Computer in an Examination
19 Use of Dictionaries by Students in Examinations
20 Use of Electronic Calculators by Students in Examinations
21 Invigilation
22 Rules of Invigilation
23 Appointment of External Examiners for Taught Courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level
24 Examination and Other Assessment Arrangements for Disabled Students
25 Code of Practice for Exceptional International Examination Arrangements
26 Code of Procedure for Appeals by Students Against Academic Decisions
27 Code of Procedure for Appeals to a College Appeals Committee
28 Code of Procedure for Appeals to the Senate Appeals Committee
29 Complaints Handling Procedure
30 Regulations and Code of Conduct for the Use of Infiormation and Communication Technology Facilities in the University of Glasgow
31 Policy Statement on Students' Recording of Lectures
32 Plagiarism Statement
33 Code of Student Conduct
34 Fitness to Study Procedure
36 Procedure for Determining Fitness to Practise
37 Code of Practice on Unacceptable Behaviour
38 Code of Policy and Procedures for Investigating Allegations of Misconduct in Research
39 Governing Law
40 Copyright Regulations
41 Statement on Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Misuse
42 No Smoking Policy Statement

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