Personal Data

3.1   Processing of Personal Data

The University holds, collects and processes information about its students (current and former), applicants and potential applicants. This information (which includes personal and special category data) may include images and personal, academic, financial and disability information. This information is used for various academic, administrative, management, statutory, pastoral, and health and safety reasons.

Students, applicants and potential applicants (together “Data Subjects”) will be asked to provide and confirm their personal data and academic details with the University for the purpose of provision or potential provision of education and student experience. For further information on how the University will process your data, please see the Student Privacy Notice, the Prospective Student Privacy Notice and the Privacy Notice for Alumni.

3.2   IT Facilities

All registered students will be allocated an email address and this email address, with other identifying information about students, will be displayed in the "address book" searchable by other University of Glasgow email users. Students may request that this information is not displayed in this way by contacting the IT Helpdesk.

All registered students will also be issued with a student ID card that will be used by students to gain access to appropriate University facilities.

A student is able to check that the information recorded about them in the University’s central student records system is correct and where appropriate update this, using the University's online registration system, MyCampus. Further details about MyCampus can be found at https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/students/.

The University’s IT regulations expressly prohibit the use of the University’s IT equipment and infrastructure to access, to attempt to access, or to distribute material of a criminal, offensive or pornographic nature. Breaches will be subject to investigation and may result in disciplinary action and, in the event of contravention of law, referral to the police.

3.3   Plagiarism Detection

The University reserves the right to use systems such as similarity checking to aid plagiarism detection in the interests of improving academic standards when assessing student work. These systems, which may be externally based, involve the processing of basic personal data when work is uploaded. This includes an individual’s name, e-mail address, and course details. Further information on the use of such systems please see the University's Policy for the Use of Plagiarism Prevention Software (PPS).