Covid-19 Accommodation FAQs

18th MARCH 2021 - Updated Scottish Government COVID guidance - Student Travel

What does the publication of the Scottish Government timetable mean for us? 

On 16 March, the Scottish Government announced an indicative timetable for easing of COVID-19 restrictions across Scotland over the coming weeks and months. 

This included some updates for higher education, meaning we can plan with more certainty for on-campus activities restarting in the future. 

It is important to note that changes to the Protection Levels rely on transmission rates continuing to fall. This is likely to be a rapidly changing situation. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update colleagues and students as guidance is received.  

Full details of the announcement can be found on the Scottish Government webpages 

 Student Travel  

The current guidance remains that students (undergraduate and postgraduate taught) should only travel to campus if required by your course, or for wellbeing reasons. 

We know that some students may have been hoping to travel home over the Easter holiday period. However, the Scottish Government guidance outlines that students should only travel to or from their term-time accommodation over the Easter holiday period if they have a reasonable excuse to do so. Students who travel without a reasonable excuse will be committing an offence. Anyone staying in term-time accommodation is free to move home for the end of the semester, provided they follow the relevant travel safety guidance. If you stay in University residences, you should contact Accommodation Services on  to confirm the arrangements and check out. 

From 5 April, we will move into Phase 2 of the student travel guidance. Numbers on-campus will continue to be tightly controlled, with return only possible where attendance is time-sensitive to a course or assessment and cannot be done remotely or further postponed. 

From 17 May, the Scottish Government hopes to move to Phase 3 of the student travel guidance, which allows for more on-campus learning activity to take place. We will update you about this as soon as possible. 

Please see the guidance on returning to university for full details. 

Anyone who is travelling to or from campus should book a COVID test and should read the guidance on the University website.

Where can I find the latest University and Government guidance about returning to halls in 2021?

The Scottish Government updated the guidance for returning to residences in 2021 on Friday 8th January. To help highlight how this new guidance will affect you, the University has created a full summary of the information, including details about booking a lateral flow test. Please ensure that you have read this before arranging your return.



I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, what should I do?

If you have symptoms, however mild, you should remain in your accommodation and arrange to be tested at the first possible opportunity by visiting this website: 

You should not leave your accommodation for any reason other than to attend for a test and you should minimise contact with others in your ‘household’. You should notify all other members of your ‘household’ as they will also be required to quarantine for 10 days, unless you subsequently get a negative test result. 

The definition of ‘household’ will depend upon your accommodation but would normally include those students living in the same ‘clusterflat’, or those on the same floor who share cooking or washing facilities, or both. This will have been communicated to you at check-in, but if you are unsure you can contact your residence site team for clarification. The student induction for University of Glasgow residences will also cover protocols for residents around what constitutes a household for the purposes of isolation if required. 

You should notify and the local site reception that you have symptoms and that your household is in isolation - and also let them know your test result.

For more information and updated guidance about self-diagnosing COVID-19, accessing testing, reporting cases and advice on self-isolation you can also visit the University's Symptoms, Testing and Reporting web page.


How long do I need to self isolate? NEW DETAIL for International arrivals from January 18th 2021

Since the closure of travel corridors on Monday 18th January anyone arriving from overseas must isolate for 10 days along with all other members of the household.

From Monday 14th December 2020, anyone required to self-isolate, due to contact with someone who has had a positive test for coronavirus (COVID-19), or as a result of quarantine rules on arrival from overseas will need to do so for 10 days following updated clinical advice. Full details on the Scottish Government web page


Can I still live in University accommodation if my program starts after September?

Yes, we will hold accommodation for people who have courses starting after September.  In the unlikely event that demand outstrips supply we will put you in touch with one of our private provider partners.

Will I need to pay for University accommodation during quarantine?

If you need to arrive prior to the start of your tenancy date for quarantine reasons you will not be charged any additional rent.

Will I be placed in a flat with other students starting at the same time as me? I’m concerned about arriving and everyone has already made friends.

Yes, in order to ensure cluster flats can be treated as “households” we will be allocating you with people due to arrive at the same time or within a few days of each other depending on travel arrangements.

Will I be charged for accommodation if my contract starts but intake is delayed or if I am not able to travel to the UK due to my country’s travel restrictions

No, if you have a contract for one of the University Residences the contract date will be adjusted in line with your study dates.

I am a Vet student and due to stay in catered accommodation – how will this work if we are social-distancing/quarantined?

All residents will be expected to follow any government guidance that is in place at the time, and appropriate steps will be taken in our working practices to abide with any guidance.

What would happen if myself or one of my flatmates gets the virus?

Living support and site managers will be able to support you if you are required to self-isolate and will keep in touch with you on a regular basis.   Once you and your flatmates move in together your flat will be deemed to be a household. Please see below current Government advice (updated Monday 14th December):

  • If you live with others, the person who has symptoms should stay at home for 10 days from the day their symptoms started. All other household members should isolate as a household for 10 days even if they don’t have symptoms themselves. The 10-day period starts from the first day the person had symptoms.
  • If others develop symptoms within the 10 days, they need to stay at home for 10 days from the day their symptoms started. They should do this even if it takes them over the 10-day isolation period.

Will we be tested in accommodation for the virus?

At present people who are showing symptoms will be tested, and anyone who has been in close contact with anyone who tests positive, will be traced and advised to self-isolate.

What precautions will be taken in student accommodation to ensure student safety?

It will be a condition of occupancy that anyone taking up a tenancy will be required to comply with any guidance and advice given in relation to Covid 19. The Health and Wellbeing of all our residents and staff is paramount, and procedures to minimise risk will be implemented and strictly monitored.

How often will communal areas be cleaned?

Where cleaning services are provided within flats this will be provided on a weekly basis, there will be a strong focus on cleaning high traffic areas such as doors, corridors etc.

Can I return home whilst isolating, rather than remaining at my term-time address?

No, you should remain at your term-time address and isolate there along with other members of your ‘household’. Travelling to an alternative address risks the unnecessary spread of the virus. 

What do I need to do if I am contacted by the Test & Protect Team and informed that I am a close contact of a confirmed case?

You should notify the relevant residence site management team by email and then follow the guidance given to you by the Test & Protect Team, remaining in your residence for the required period of isolation.