Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Hunterian Museum?
There are a range of different ways to access the Hunterian Museum. Visit our Getting Here page to find out more.

Do you have a quieter entrance?
There are two entrances to the Museum:

  • Via lift. Located opposite the University of Glasgow Shop in the University’s Main Building on University Avenue, the lift takes you directly into the Museum. (Select Level 4).
  • Via stairs from the ground floor, through the cloisters and up another set of stairs. The Museum entrance is on the right as you reach the top of the stairs.

Both entrances are usually quiet, however the entrance via stairs can be busier due to lectures and other events taking place in the building. Lectures usually change over on the hour, so that can be a busy time.

Exam periods (Early December / April and May) can be particularly busy on the stairs early in the morning and at lunch time.

Do you have wheelchair access?
Currently, wheelchair users, or people with mobility impairments, can access all areas of the Hunterian Museum by lift.

In the Hunterian Art Gallery, access is by ramp to ground floor, and then by lift to the basement and first floor Gallery 2.

Because of the nature of the Mackintosh House, access is limited to the orientation room, hall and dining room.

There is limited wheelchair access to the Hunterian Zoology Museum. A platform lift has been installed at the front door of the Graham Kerr Building which will allow visitors to access part of the Zoology Museum. Wheelchair users are advised to make an appointment to visit by contacting us by phone (0141 330 4221).

Both the Hunterian Museum and the Hunterian Art Gallery have accessible toilets. There are standard but no accessible toilets in the Graham Kerr Building. The nearest facility is in the adjacent Wolfson Link Building.

Do you have family friendly toilet facilities which will enable me to accompany my child to the toilet?
All toilets for the Hunterian Museum are located on Level 2. The lift used to enter the museum is the most direct way to these toilets. There is an accessible toilet available which can be used for taking your child to the toilet.

Is it necessary to book our visit in advance?
The Museum is open to all visitors during normal opening hours. While we don’t take group bookings, we would suggest that large groups contact us in advance of their planned visit so we can advise if there are other activities scheduled at that time which may affect your visit. (0141 330 4221).

When is The Hunterian quieter or less busy?
The Hunterian Museum is usually a quiet museum, with minimal interactives which make loud noises. The museum can get crowded and louder during special events such as our insight talks or tours.

The museum is at its busiest during weekends, school holidays and during University events such as Open Days and Graduations (June and December).

It is hard to say how busy the museum will be on a given day. If you would like to find a little in advance of your visit, contact the museum reception desk (0141 330 4221) , who can tell you how busy it is at that time.

To find out if an event is on when you are planning to visit, please visit our Events page. 

Do you have a policy to deal with a situation should an individual with ASD become distressed?
Our Front of House team are autism aware and understand that meltdowns are sometimes unavoidable and distressing for the child and their family. The Museum does not currently have a designated quiet space for moments of distress, however the Front of House team will be happy to assist in any way that they can.

Do you have somewhere that we could eat our own food?
The Hunterian does not have a room that is suitable for eating in. There are cafes on campus which are open to the public. Outside the Hunterian Museum is the Main Building Quad which has benches, this would be suitable on sunny days for bringing your own food.

Please help us to improve how we operate by giving us feedback. The Hunterian is currently working on making its venues more accessible for visitors with additional support needs. If we have done anything wrong or you have any recommendations on how we can improve our facilities and resources for future visits, please speak to our Front of House team or email to pass these comments on.