Pre-Visit Visual Resource

As part of The Hunterian’s objective to develop its accessibility provision, an Autism-friendly pre-visit visual resource has been produced for the Museum. This visual resource was developed in 2019 (updated 2024) by Museum Studies (MSc) student, Aimee Fletcher (@aimee_speaks), with the aim of making the Hunterian Museum more accessible to visitors who would benefit from pre-visit information. 

The resource is developed using the ‘social story’ format, and includes important information about visiting the Hunterian Museum such as how to enter the museum, sensory information and what visitors will see during their visit.

Museum main hallWe hope this is useful to all visitors who like to know what to expect when visiting somewhere new.

If you have any comments to make about this resource, please email .

Any feedback on this resource, or any other accessibility provisions you would like to see, will be taken seriously and used to help develop further accessibility resources at the museum.