Large Font Resources

The following resources are available in printed format to support your visit and, where indicated, can be downloaded to print or to view on your own device. 

Label contents are produced mainly in Arial 20pt or above, with some secondary information given in Arial 16pt.

Gallery 1


Gallery 1 2023 Large Print Labels

Mackintosh House

  1. Mackintosh House Self-Led Tour  - a large font version of the Mackintosh House leaflet.  This will help you to explore the house at your own pace, offering room by room notes and additional background information.

Mackintosh House Room by Room Leaflet - Large Print version

  1. Large font labels for the Mackintosh House Introductory Gallery- there is a printed version for your use in the Gallery or you can download the file for use on your own device.

Mackintosh House Introduction Gallery: Large font Labels


Should you have any difficulties with accessing these resources, or have suggestions for making them more useful to visitors, please let us know at